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Pageants have long provided women with a platform to advocate for urgent social causes while showcasing their beauty, poise, and grace. The Miss International Pageant in Tennessee is no exception. Each summer, the pageant attracts intelligent, ambitious women eager to make the world a better place. Not only do these women demonstrate social awareness and an enterprising spirit, but they also embody the glamour so long associated with pageants. Proof Skin Solutions, the official skincare sponsor of this year’s event, helps people around the world attain the same glowing appearance that the pageant contestants display on stage.

Miss International: A History of Making a Difference

Miss International intends to showcase the talents and accomplishments of contemporary young women. The pageant and associated events give women an opportunity to work for the betterment of their communities. Throughout the week’s activities, contestants share their personalities and customs while learning about those of women from other parts of the world. This serves as an enriching experience for everyone involved.

The Pageant

The pageant itself brings women on stage where they can demonstrate the talents and accomplishments that make them special. Each contestant represents their state or country and must participate in four events. The pageant consists of interviews, a formal gown event, a fitness wear component, and a fun fashion section.

Social Mission

The Miss International Pageant is meant to bring exceptional young people together. Such an event will inspire these ambitious, generous women to reach even greater heights. The winner also spends a year promoting a social platform of their choice.

Miss International 2021: The Highlights

Miss International 2021 was held July 30-31 in Kingsport, Tennessee. Pre-pageant events began on July 26 in the same city. The pageant and associated activities gave both contestants and attendees a chance to enjoy themselves while pushing for a better society.

Reigning Champion Megan Vladic

During the staging of this year’s events, contestants could draw inspiration from last year’s remarkable champion. Megan Vladic, a semi-professional volleyball player, works to eliminate the social stigma surrounding mental health. By mentoring teens and seeing them through their struggles, she has made a major impact on countless lives. This is the type of service that typifies the Miss International contestants.

A Slew of Events in Kingsport, Tennessee

Miss International is about a lot more than just the pageant. In the days before the contestants stepped onto the stage, a number of associated events took place in Kingsport. These activities gave contestants, fans, and everyone else involved a chance to come together and share experiences. It’s during these events that important connections are made and lasting relationships are formed.

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Proof Skin Solutions: The Official Skincare Sponsor of This Year’s Event

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