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Our Founders

Beth & Michael Medina

Michael and Beth Medina started Proof Skin Solutions because they feel skincare should be simple and effective. You don’t need a medicine cabinet full of skincare products. As a young, impressionable 20 year old, Beth was always told at skincare counters that in order to have beautiful glowing skin, she would have to use an endless number of products in order to achieve and maintain flawless skin.

This is when skincare becomes confusing, overwhelming and very expensive. Our story began in 2019 in Austin, Texas when founders Beth and Michael Medina committed to creating their hero product that would offer instant, multi-correctional, multidimensional results for all ages, skin issues and skin types.

Michael and Beth are lifelong believers that exceptional skincare + exercise/fitness + a nutritious diet = youthful & radiant complexion. We think of exercise as cleansing the skin from the inside out and our exceptional skincare products cleanse, protect, detoxify, brighten and hydrate skin from the outside in.


Our Spectacular Serum

We have combined the knowledge of our Texas based lab and chemists, along with our vision, and created never before seen formulas that provide amazing results for all ages, skin types and skin issues.

18+ Active ingredients

Our ingredients work in harmony to maintain skin elasticity, oxygenate, brighten, reverse free radical damage leaving a smoother, youthful, balanced complexion.

Bonus: makeup primer

Makeup stays put until you take it off – all while feeding your skin the nutrients it needs to stay youthful, glowing and hydrated.

Only 5-7 Drops needed

Eliminates several standard skincare steps, resulting in a radiant glow, fewer lines/wrinkles, smaller pores and brighter complexion.

fights the signs of aging

And, generates even toned, radiant, firm skin with smaller pore size. Weightless, absorbs quickly, and goes on like a lotion but sinks deep into your skin resulting in faster cell turnover.

What Sets Us Apart

Through simple skincare, the vision of Proof Skin Solutions is to deliver multi-correctional results for all ages, skin issues and skin types.

anti aging facial products
Peptides - Anti-aging Vitamin C Serum

Same ingredients, less money

Formulated with the industry’s top active ingredients, oftentimes more comprehensive than some of the most expensive or popular brands.

Airless packaging

Products stay fresh longer with our unique airless packaging—saving you time and money!

Our customers are proof

“Obsessed.” “Game Changer.” “Remarkable.” We’ll let the glowing reviews (and skin!) of our customers speak for themselves.

Simple routine for you

We remove the complexity and confusion surrounding skin care, through simple and effective skincare routines.