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Protecting Your Skin From UV Rays

With summer finally upon us, the sun’s harsh rays are more powerful than ever. With that said, it’s imperative to protect your skin during outdoor activities. While sunscreen has proven wildly effective in reducing overall UV exposure, here are some other tips on how to protect skin from sun naturally.

Take Care Of Your Skin

To stave off sun damage, there are several skincare products worth incorporating into your self-care routine. Coconut oil, for instance, is both moisturizing and offers SPF. Shea butter is equally hydrating, and it boosts UVB filters. Vitamin E is another fan favorite.

In addition to preventing wrinkle lines, vitamin E also protects your skin while out in the sun. Perhaps the most popular and sought-after natural product is aloe vera. Though most people use aloe vera to relieve sunburns, this succulent plant works wonders when applied to the skin before going out in the sun as well.

Abide By A Healthy Diet

Your diet can also influence the amount of UV protection you receive. Healthy foods like salmon, kale, bell peppers, and carrots are rich in ingredients that offer UV protection. More specifically, dark green vegetables give you your antioxidants, and you’ll get your healthy oils from fish like tuna. The more you feed your body these nutritious foods, the more you’ll improve the health of your skin cells. As a result, your skin will be better prepared to fight the sun.

Consider Sun Protective Clothing

As the temperature rises, it only makes sense to don less clothing. However, this could do you more harm than good. Fortunately, there are lightweight clothes that keep you cool and protected from the sun.

This breathable clothing is ideal for daytime outings, evening walks, and early morning errands. No matter the time of day that you’re outside, the sun remains a threat. To ensure that you aren’t damaging your skin, invest in sun protective attire. Hats are also a must-have during the summer, so keep some on hand.

Be Mindful Of Your Lifestyle

Sun rays are strongest during midday, so if possible, stay indoors during these hours. In essence, limit your exposure to UV rays as much as you can so that your skin remains happy and healthy. The more mindful you are of your daily decisions, the better your chances are of preventing sun damage.


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