I do not want wrinkles or dry skin, I want clear hydrated skin with no wrinkles. I can age gracefully, but I am not going to have wrinkles, if I don’t have to. And I am not going to have dry skin, if I don’t have to. I have been using a $350 “big name” product for years that I purchased at a high end department store. This expensive jar of cream has worked for me over the years, but I do not want to pay $350. I have tried Proof Skin Solutions, Porcelain Youth Restoring Nectar and I absolutely love it! It has several forms of Vitamin C, peptides, growth factor and antioxidants, just to name a few. It is every bit as good, if not better than the $350 jar of face cream that I have used in the past and this serum completely nourishes my skin. And it’s a fraction of the price of the big name product.